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Divorce Preparation Tips

  • Start keeping a diary explaining the important events and history having to do with your marriage and child rearing, if you have children, and the circumstances causing you to consider divorce.
  • If you have children, write out a parenting plan that you believe would be in your children’s best interests and explain your reasoning.
  • Create a summary of all the assets owned by you and your spouse (include when you acquired them).
  • Create a list of all the properties that you own and all of your possessions.
  • Provide rough estimates of the value of your assets (just do your best).
  • Provide estimates of the amounts owed on your properties and unsecured debts.
  • Make a list of your sources of income (locate and copy your tax returns for the last few years, if possible).
  • Locate any written agreements of understanding between you and your spouse, including any wills or trust instruments.
  • Write down physical abuse or domestic violence, if any has occurred, in your relationship with your spouse.
  • Write down what is most important to you with regard to the assets in your marital estate.
  • Try to project a post-divorce budget for your living expenses as a single person or a single parent.