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The Articles listed below have been authored, co-authored or edited by Christopher Rade Musulin, Esquire., and published by either NJ Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, New Jersey Family Lawyer, New Jersey State Bar Association, Burlington County Bar Association, or The Straight Word.

“Time to Retire the Mandated MESP Program” co-authored by Christopher Musulin, Esq. and Kimberly Greenfield, Esq., attorneys at Musulin Law Firm, has been published in the New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 42., No. 1 – February 2024.

“Get Dressed and Get Back to Court”New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 40, No. 6 – September 2022 co-authored by Brian Schwartz and Christopher R. Musulin

“The Not-So ‘New’ Alimony Statute: Retroactivity Questions Remain Unanswered”New Jersey Law Journal, Vol. 228, No. 3 – January 2022 co-authored by Matheu D. Nunn, Alyssa S. Engleberg and Christipher Rade Musulin

“A Higher Standard for Family Law Practitioners”New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 40, No. 2, July 2021 authored by Christopher R. Musulin and Christina Fulton Groves, Esquires

“Striking a Balance for Supervised Visitation in New Jersey”New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 39, No. 6, December 2020

“Choose Civility: A Higher Standard for Family Law Practitioners”(Co-Author) The Straight Word, Burlington County Bar Association, August 2020

“The Misuse and Abuse of the Five-Day Rule When Submitting QDROs to the Court”New Jersey Family Lawyer, October 2017

“The Division of Spousal Student Loan Debt in Divorce”New Jersey Family Lawyer, April 2016

“Commentary: Celebrate: The MESP is 35”New Jersey Family Lawyer, September 2014

“Work-related Childcare Expenses: A Black Hole in the Child-Support Universe”New Jersey Family Lawyer, September 2013

“The Psychology of Settlement”New Jersey Family Lawyer, February 2012

“Counterpoint – To Guideline or Not to Guideline – That is not the Correct Question”New Jersey Family Lawyer, June 2012

“The Use of Protective Orders in Matrimonial Litigation”New Jersey Family Lawyer, June 2011

“I Want a Divorce. And I Want the Dog!” – Continuing Legal Education Hot Tips Seminar, October 2010

“Recent Developments in Family Law Arbitration” – Joint Bench/Bar Presentation of NCBA and CCBA, October 2010

“Medical Benefits for Dependant Spouses; The Limited Judgment of Divorce and COBRA Privileges (Under New Jersey and Federal Law)”New Jersey Family Lawyer, October 2009

“Divorce Mediation – A Primer” – Revised February 2020

“New Jersey Divorce – a Legal Roadmap” – Revised February 2020

“Termination Of Child Support” September 2009

“Alimony Guidelines – Should New Jersey Adopt a Formula Approach for Spousal Support?” – NJ State Bar Association Annual Meeting Presentation, May 2009

“QDROs… They’re Just Not For Breakfast Anymore “September 2008

” Addressing Post Judgment College Expense Issues” – NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2008

Alimony (Author)

Strategies to Avoid, and if Necessary, to Survive Fee Arbitration (Author)

Revised procedures for Custody and Parenting Time in Burlington County (Coauthor)

Burlington County MESP Program (Author)

Revised MESP Procedures (Coauthor)

Burlington County Bar Association Bench Bar Meeting, College Expense Manual (Author)

Revised form of Custody/Parenting Time Order (Coauthor)

Revised Policy and Procedure Manual for Custody/Parenting Time (Contributing Editor)

Tax Treatment of Alimony (Author)

Pending Legislation, Burlington County Bar Association (Author)

No-Fault Divorce (Author)

The Innocent Spouse Rule (Author)

Burlington County Custody/Visitation Mediation Program (Author)

Deducibility of Attorney Fees in Matrimonial Cases (Author)

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (Author)

Divorce, Hand-out at Burlington County Bar Association (Author)

New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (Author)

Role of the Divorce Mediation Consulting Attorney (Author)

Decisions to be made in Divorce Mediation (Author)

Child-Related Exemptions, Credits and Deductions (Author)

Tax Consequences of Property Transfers in Divorce (Author)

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Forensic Custody Experts and Related Professional Services (Author)