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The Case Information Statement is one of the most important legal documents in a New Jersey family law matter. For our current clients only, in order to begin the process of our law firm professionally completing this part of their family law matter, a client questionnaire is provided. Please don’t begin the task of filling out this questionnaire before you are formally requested by our law firm. Upon being requested to do so, for our current clients we have included a link below so that you may access the questionnaire at your convenience and fill it out as best you can. Feel free to write all of your questions and notations in the margin; this is not a formal document.

The questionnaire is focused on gathering the relevant information for the attorneys and paralegals to review. They will then use this raw data of answers and questions in the process for developing the formal Case Information Statement. From this questionnaire, the law firm will develop an overview of the important issues to be addressed in your divorce or divorce mediation process.

After you have tried your best to answer all of the questions, please mail your questionnaire along with all of the attachments we will have requested from you at that time as soon as possible. Subsequently, our staff will communicate with you regarding the next step in the process of generating a formal Case Information Statement.


Questionnaire for Case Information Statement

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us for our help.