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Impact of Covid-19 on your Family Law and Divorce Matters


Many people contact our office with concerns about the impact of Covid-19 on your important family law and divorce matters. The good news is that the system of justice is open and everyone in the system - Judges, attorneys and staff - have adapted to a new way of conducting business.

Parents: Keep track of parenting expenses

Parenting is not an easy job – it is not inexpensive either. And managing financial responsibilities can become even more complicated for parents after a divorce.

So, how can New Jersey parents effectively handle parenting expenses?

More than Five-Star Reviews Make the Attorney

Years ago, litigants chose an attorney solely based on a suggestion from a family member, a friend, or another professional; in other words, from word of mouth. Attorney advertising was virtually non-existent and considered unbecoming for the profession. Nowadays there are a lot of consumers choosing attorneys based solely on five-star reviews. 

More on Court Operations During a Covid-19 World

Now, court operations during a Covid-19 world have litigants, attorneys, and the Judge appearing on a computer screen via Zoom, Skype or some type video conferencing for all court proceedings. The legal profession is debating the merits of litigants and attorneys appearing virtually. In the "old days," before Covid-19 was circling the globe, everything was done in person; the litigants and the attorneys had to dress appropriately, travel to Court, interact while waiting to be heard, stand in front of a judge and everyone involved got to meet, face to face, all of the players.

Covid-19 and Its Impact on the Valuation of Your Family-Owned Business in Your Divorce Matter

New Jersey law makes businesses owned by a spouse subject to potential claim and division in a divorce case. Part of the process involves fixing a present value to the business interest. Covid-19 will most likely impact the valuation of your family-owned business during your divorce proceedings.

How do stimulus checks work for divorced parents?

President Donald Trump recently signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) into law. The law results in a stimulus check to families throughout the country. Each qualifying individual is slotted to receive $1,200 and those with children will recieve an additional $500 per child.   

Court Orders for Custody and Parenting Time During COVID-19

The Supreme Court in the state of Delaware has issued a directive clarifying that current governmental restrictions on working, traveling or social interaction do not apply to existing Court Orders or agreements concerning custody or parenting time. Leaders in New Jersey are reviewing the Delaware action and considering the issuance of a similar clarifying directive.

Navigating the Family Through COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are trying to navigate caring for and schooling children who are out of school for the indefinite future while balancing work-from-home or unemployment. For those parents who are divorced or separated, these circumstances have also raised questions about what to do with custody and parenting time orders. With directives from the Governor to stay home and new responsibilities for children at home, what happens to the parenting time schedule?

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