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Trusted Legal Guidance For Same-Sex Couples In New Jersey

As a result of a New Jersey Superior Court case decision from 2013, followed by the Supreme Court of the United States decision in 2015, same-sex couples have more options with regard to the structure of their union and may now marry each other.

Same-sex couples may now choose to do any of the following:

  • Memorialize their relationship in a civil union, a “legally recognized union of two eligible individuals of the same sex”
  • Convert or register their existing civil union into a marriage
  • Enter into a domestic partnership by filing of an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
  • Enter into the marital contract

The Dissolution Of A Civil Union Or A Domestic Partnership

All of these processes have distinct requirements and procedures in the event the relationship breaks down. For those who are experiencing a breakdown of their relationship, Musulin Law Firm, LLC, in Mount Holly, New Jersey, has the experience to help.

Founding attorney Christopher Rade Musulin, Esquire, and his team have over 36 years of experience handling all types of family law matters. Christopher Rade Musulin, Esquire, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the author of numerous booklets and articles.

Our Commitment

Musulin Law Firm, LLC, is committed to providing nontraditional families the personal attention they need to get through this challenging time. Whether you need help dissolving your civil union or preparing a prenuptial agreement, reach out to the firm to find out how they can help.

Send an email or call 609-267-0070. The Musulin Law Firm, LLC, serves clients in South Jersey including Medford, Moorestown, Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Shamong, Tabernacle, Pemberton, Maple Shade, Delran, Delanco, and Cinnaminson.

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