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The adversarial court process is often ill-suited for resolving disputes among spouses going through divorce or family law proceedings because it can potentially, tragically and irretrievably destroy the ability of either parent to maintain a civil relationship after the divorce, which is essential if children are involved.

People who utilize the divorce and family law mediation process, as alternatives to a litigated divorce, will be able to get divorced faster and more cost-effectively. There will be less conflict as mediation requires both an element of trust toward the other spouse and a willingness to compromise certain positions in an attempt to reach a quick settlement. Hopefully, when resolution is reached, the parties will be able to have a quality post-divorce relationship as parents, whether for the benefit of the children or for the dignity of the people involved. Divorce and family law mediation are forms of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. It allows you and your spouse or your partner to resolve issues such as child custody, child visitation, property settlement, and equitable distribution of property or division of marital assets and debt while never getting near a judge or having to go through divorce litigation. The divorce mediator will be an impartial third party who will guide you through the process of reaching an agreement so that there is no need for the litigation process.

Trusted, Experienced Mediation Services

After making up your minds that you will try mediation, the most important decision you then face is selecting an experienced and qualified divorce and family law mediator, and at Musulin Law Firm, LLC, Attorney Christopher Musulin is both. He has mediated both civil and matrimonial disputes since 1988. Mr. Musulin is unique in that he has been a divorce and family law mediator as long as he has been a divorce lawyer. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and an Accredited Professional Mediator and the author of numerous booklets and articles on divorce and divorce mediation. We invite you to read Mr. Musulin's article entitled Divorce Mediation — A Primer.

Contact us online or call Pamela, the firm administrator, at Musulin Law Firm, LLC, in New Jersey at 609-267-0070 to further discuss mediation.

At our firm, mediation sessions last approximately two hours each time you meet with Christopher Musulin as your mediator. The mediation sessions typically total three or four. In the 30 years Mr. Musulin has handled divorce mediation cases, he has rarely had a case exceed more than five mediation sessions. The only thing you have to do in order to try mediation with Mr. Musulin is both agree to come at the same time for the first consultation and to call our office and book your first mediation consultation.

By resolving your family law matters through mediation, a husband and wife or partners in a civil union or domestic partnership will not have to share his or her personal family matters in a court of law. It is entirely private. Furthermore, our mediator Christopher Musulin is an impartial facilitator and will only meet with both of you at the same time to guide you through the process of achieving a settlement.

Christopher R. Musulin's article, "The Philosophy of Settlement" has been published in the New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 32, No. 5/February 2012.

Straightforward Advice and Guidance in Divorce Mediation

Please remember that the process of mediation is without limitation and mediation may be used also for disputes that develop long after a final judgment of divorce has been entered. For instance, if support needs to be modified or if a parenting plan originally established for your divorce settlement now needs to be changed or if your ex-wife or ex-husband or former partner is not complying with a court order or an agreement, mediation is an efficient and effective process designed to resolve the differences between two people rather than going to court.

The reality is that New Jersey has been a no-fault divorce jurisdiction for over 30 years. This means that whatever caused the end of your personal relationship has no bearing on how we address the important business issues. The mediation sessions are strictly business.

Mr. Musulin has guided thousands of people through the divorce process and will know how to navigate you through the reorganization of your family despite whatever complexities you foresee with regard to the details of the custody of your children or the affairs of your familial estate. Mediator Christopher Musulin would be delighted to meet with you.

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Contact us online or call Musulin Law Firm, LLC, in New Jersey at 609-267-0070. In our Mount Holly family law firm offices located in Burlington County, Mr. Musulin will guide you accordingly from that point and it is up to his skill and expertise to move you both forward through the process. That's why you hire him. The sessions are confidential and devoted exclusively to problem-solving and family law solutions. They do not provide an opportunity for either party to vent his or her emotional agenda or engage in recriminations.

With an office in Mount Holly, we serve clients throughout New Jersey. We have clients who come from as far south as Atlantic County and as far north as Mercer County. As far as social media, Chris Musulin was recognized by readers of NJBiz as "New Jersey's Top Mediators" and South Jersey Magazine readers as an "Awesome Attorney" for the years 2008 through 2014.

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