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Effectuating the Best Legal Outcome for the Client

At Musulin Law Firm, LLC, under the helm of Christopher Musulin, the legal team's objective in every divorce matter is to effectuate the most equitable settlement for the client and without a costly trial. Some divorces require additional layers of legal knowledge, research and investigation in order to negotiate and/or litigate from a position of strength to effectively represent the client. In a small percentage of cases a full trial takes place requiring complex trial strategy and courtroom experience in an attempt to achieve the best legal outcome. Some divorces may start out with major disagreements and complexities, and with the help of an effective and experienced lawyer, a settlement is obtained without the necessity of a trial.

If your case involves complex legal issues, for over 30 years, Attorney Christopher Musulin, has handled thousands of divorce cases through all of the above-mentioned scenarios. Attorney Christopher R. Musulin uses his vast experience in discovery, negotiation, litigation, complex trial strategy, the retention of experts, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, if appropriate, to ultimately obtain the best resolution for your particular matter.

Your New Jersey divorce case might present complexities involving the following:

  • The Abusive Spouse: A spouse who is absolutely unwilling to compromise or negotiate on any matters and is attempting to utilize the Legal System as an instrument of abuse.
  • A divorce involving business ownership: When a divorcing party or parties own a business, complications can arise involving the valuation of the business, accurate determinations of each party's income from the business, tax implications, disputes between third parties with co-ownership interests, and other matters.
  • A high-asset divorce: Ownership of and interest in significant assets, businesses, multiple real properties, savings plans, retirement plans, inheritances and other assets.
  • A military divorce: The laws involving division of assets, support, custody, relocations, deployment, and other divorce-related matters for members of the military.
  • A complex custody matter or dispute: Custody agreements, disputes, modifications involving two working parents, one working parent and the other stay-at-home parent, grandparents and other caretakers, children with special needs, chronic illnesses, danger to and welfare of children, the need to relocate with children or the threat of relocation of children issues, and other complexities.
  • Complex alimony dispute: New Jersey alimony law is under intense scrutiny, which may result in the complete revision of New Jersey alimony law. Attorney Musulin is highly involved with professional activities related to the education, research and investigation of the most recent developments in NJ alimony law.

Christopher Musulin represents clients located all over the nation and overseas whose cases are either venued or would be venued in counties such as, but not limited to, Mercer County, Burlington County, Camden County and Gloucester County, New Jersey. The Musulin Law Firm is located directly across from the Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington County, in historic Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

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