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New Jersey Child Support Laws

Child support is defined as the basic amount of financial support needed to provide for the health and welfare of a child or children. New Jersey child support and custody laws mandate that each parent be responsible for financially supporting their child or children to ensure that those needs are met. When divorcing, separating, or if you are part of a non-intact family, it is extremely important that a child support settlement is reached that will both protect your children's needs and your own ability to support yourself. Reaching settlement can be accomplished through negotiations, mediation or an application to the Court.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

Before 1986, New Jersey child support awards were based upon factors applied at the Court's discretion. Presently, the New Jersey court rules require the use of guidelines for child support awards and obligations in most cases. However, given the unique set of circumstances regarding each family, there are variables and considerations contained in the court rules and case law of the State of New Jersey. In other words, an in-depth knowledge of the court rules and case law as well as the experienced ability to draw out all of the relevant facts of your particular situation are tantamount to arriving at the proper child support calculation.

Best Outcome for your New Jersey Child Support Settlement

A family law and matrimonial attorney with extensive knowledge of the court rules and case law combined with the knowledge of the exact information needed will greatly enhance your ability to increase or decrease your child support award or obligation as permissible by the law. Since there are many variables and considerations that go into the process of child support calculations, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney who performs the calculations on a day-to-day basis to bring about the best outcome for your New Jersey child support settlement. It takes years of practice for attorneys to acquire a solid knowledge base regarding the nuances of the child support guidelines and discretionary considerations. When hired, a private attorney will take the time that the Court doesn't have to elicit all of the particulars of your family and the relevant application of these details. Unfortunately, due to overcrowded family court schedules in New Jersey, family court judges most often only have time to get a general snapshot of your case. However, a private attorney will have the ability to both present and highlight key details in order to effectively articulate your case to the Court. Knowledge of variables such as parenting time, work-related child care and tax filing status are just a few of the considerations when setting out to calculate child support correctly.

A child support award or obligation done incorrectly can mean that a parent either does not have enough money to raise the children comfortably or is paying too much. Also, the NJ Supreme Court has modified certain comments used in preparing the child support worksheets which permits greater discretion in determining responsibility for additional expenses. Calculating child support is a skill that is developed over time by the family law attorney and the adage "practice makes perfect" definitely applies.

Experienced and Well-Versed in the Nuances of NJ Child Support laws

After having performed literally thousands of child support calculations, our NJ family law and NJ custody attorneys at Musulin Law Firm will offer a sophisticated assessment and evaluation of all sources of income as well as expenses in accordance with the tax code and other relevant laws particular to the state of New Jersey to ensure the best outcome. Our attorneys will be able to evaluate factors and circumstances that may warrant deviating from the New Jersey child support guidelines. Our legal team will offer you legal advice to determine how your specific family dynamics such as parenting time, child care and other children will impact your child support award or obligation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of all of the changes in the New Jersey child support laws that were effective September 1, 2013.

Modifications of Child Support

If you can no longer make your child support payments because of a change of circumstances (such as a job loss as one example) or if you think the child support you are receiving is not sufficient, our attorneys at Musulin Law Firm, LLC, can help you determine whether you should file for a modification of child support, to either lower or raise your monthly support payments.

It is important to acquire competent legal advice to determine if a modification is appropriate or in fact detrimental to you. People fail to realize that there are multiple factors that impact the determination of child support amounts and that is why a competent legal professional is utilized who has the skill set and time to review your unique set of circumstances.

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Your child support attorney Christopher Musulin is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the author of numerous booklets and articles on divorce, alimony, child custody, and child support.

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