Parenting Agreements

Pursuant to a divorce or separation, or even in pre-divorce planning, a well-drafted legal parenting agreement will provide a structured reorganization of interaction between parents and children. Absent such an agreement, the potential for daily conflict over children's schedules and parental responsibilities may increase, which is harmful to the well-being of your child or children and to your own daily serenity. Parents also need to protect their parental rights pursuant to a divorce or separation, and a parenting agreement is the legal instrument to accomplish this protection.

An experienced family law and matrimonial lawyer can help you through the potentially tumultuous process of establishing an effective and thorough parenting plan. Further, the emotional challenges that accompany this type of discussion can cloud judgment and make it even more difficult without professional guidance. A seasoned family law attorney should know how to protect your parental rights, have a great sensitivity to the welfare of your children, and be able to construct and formulate a proposed agreement in accordance with the applicable laws of New Jersey. If this agreement is not accepted by the other party, an effective lawyer will have the skill set to analyze any reports and recommendations of any experts that are utilized, properly prepare you for a court hearing and advocate effectively on your behalf before the Court. A legal parenting agreement is a court order that you can fall back on when an ex-spouse or parent fails to meet his or her responsibilities as outlined in this legal document. In Burlington County, Mount Holly parenting agreement lawyer Christopher R. Musulin, and his legal team, helps clients in New Jersey and throughout the nation with the establishment of parenting agreements. With more than 30 years of experience, Attorney Musulin works consistently to stay in touch with the changing legal landscape of family law, and to provide uniquely personalized, individual attention in each client's case.

As your divorce or family law attorneys, our lawyers will:

  • Discuss your rights and obligations as a parent
  • Educate you so that you make informed decisions and have a realistic vision of your particular situation relative to the laws of New Jersey
  • Strategize and negotiate on your behalf to effectuate a comprehensive parental agreement: With an in-depth knowledge of NJ divorce and family law and the relevant facts of your matter, negotiate on your behalf from a position of experience and strength.
  • If necessary, litigate assertively on your behalf: When mediation and/or negotiation or other amicable approaches are unavailable, Attorney Musulin uses his extensive experience to prepare you for any court hearing and to provide assertive, strategic representation in the courtroom.

As a divorce and family law mediator, Christopher R. Musulin will:

  • Act as an impartial party who will guide both parents through the mediation process: As a trained mediator, and if you choose to mediate your family law matter, accredited by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, Christopher Musulin will work with both parents together to facilitate an agreement.

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