South Jersey Adoption Lawyers

The family law firm Musulin Law Firm, LLC, provides adoptive parents with the assistance they need to lovingly bring children into their families. From our office in Mount Holly, we handle uncontested adoptions — including local and stepparent adoptions — throughout South Jersey.

Christopher R. Musulin, Esquire, is an experienced attorney who can ease the adoption process by handling all the details so you can focus on bringing your child home. To talk with Chris, contact our firm today.

Caring Participants in Your Family's Happy Day

Unlike other areas of family law, the adoption process is among the most joyous and heartwarming legal matters that an attorney can handle. We truly enjoy helping families adopt a new baby or a young child. To allow parents to stay focused on their children, our lawyers handle all the legal details:

  • Draft all the necessary documents that need to be filed with the Court
  • Contact and negotiate with the child's parent who is surrendering parental rights
  • Guide clients through adoption agency investigation
  • Handle the process of legally changing the child's name

Once all the details are completed, an adoption is a wonderful, emotional experience. Younger children come to court on their special day dressed in their finest, clutching their stuffed animals, baseball mitts or dolls. Families bring their supportive relatives in tow. The judges relax all formalities and are oftentimes photographed with the family. We are proud to help parents and families see this special day.

Adoption changes the dynamics of a family. We can help our clients secure any family counseling or therapy that might be appropriate, both before the adoption and after. Our goal is to help clients manage the legal process and then set them on their way as a healthy, well-supported family.

We can explain the adoption process and give caring legal advice as you anticipate your child's adoption day. To set up a consultation, contact the attorneys at Musulin Law Firm, LLC.

Your Adoption Attorney

Christopher Musulin is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the author of numerous booklets and articles on family law topics and issues related to children.

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