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Thinking about reconciling during divorce? What you need to know

When people think about filing for divorce, they often see it as a black-and-white situation. Two people don’t want to be married, so they file the paperwork, go through mediation or the courts, and finalize the divorce.

However, a lot can happen between the time people decide to divorce and the actual finalization of a divorce. In fact, you may even decide to reconcile.

Reconciliation is not unusual. Given time, space and some dispute resolution resources, some couples decide to call off a divorce and focus on trying to rebuild a marriage instead of ending it.

Recently, musician Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish took this route. According to reports, the couple filed for divorce back in 2013. Since then, however, the couple reconciled. This is the second time the couple has filed for divorce and reconciled.

Of course, reconciliation is not something that most divorcing spouses have any interest in pursuing. And in some cases, even though one person is committed to getting back together, the other person may not.

That being said, if reconciliation is an option, then you can talk to your attorney about your options. You can have the divorce dismissed. Though, if you are hesitant about the reconciliation, you may want to hold off on formally dismissing the case so that you don’t have to start all over if you ultimately decide to divorce.

You may also want to consider drawing up a postnuptial agreement to protect yourself and set some ground rules for disputes in the future and in the event that you do decide to divorce.

There is no firm deadline for finalizing a divorce. As such, it is often wise to take things slowly, think carefully and understand the legal options you have in front of you.

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