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How to Have a Successful Divorce Mediation

As an Accredited Professional Mediator in the state of New Jersey, oftentimes when I meet with people for the first time they are wondering about how to have a successful Divorce Mediation or if they are even appropriate candidates for Divorce Mediation. The answer is simple: With the exception of cases involving Domestic Violence or a total lack of trust or fear of intimidation, your NJ divorce case is absolutely appropriate for Divorce Mediation if you are both open to trying this form of alternate dispute resolution.

Divorce Mediation is an alternative method of resolving your differences in a divorce matter that does not involve litigation. For many people deciding to divorce, Divorce Mediation is a great option. Divorce Mediation can often be completed in a few months and occurs in the privacy of the Divorce Mediator’s office and the sessions are subject to strict confidentiality. Divorce Mediation is typically less expensive than the traditional divorce process. Litigants work together with the Divorce Mediator’s goal of guiding you to a settlement of all issues.

To be successful in Divorce Mediation, both parties need to accept the fact that their marital relationship has come to an end and, with the help of the Divorce Mediator’s guidance, be willing to make fair-minded agreements. While in your Divorce Mediation sessions, you must be willing to participate in the Divorce Mediation in a constructive manner despite the dynamics of your present-day relationship or what has gone on in the past or your fear of the future. Divorce represents great change to most people and it may feel very scary.

Another key to a successful Divorce Mediation is to complete the tasks and gather any documents on a timely basis. It is common sense that with more elapsed time, there is more time to argue, which will only threaten the momentum of your Divorce Mediation process.

Your success for Divorce Mediation is more guaranteed if you assure that you are comfortable with your Divorce Mediator. This means that from the get-go make sure you respect your Divorce Mediator and find yourself in your first consultation listening to what he/she says. Make sure in your first Divorce Mediation consultation that you feel comfortable with how the mediator communicates with both of you at the same time. So, choose your Divorce Mediator wisely. The Divorce Mediator’s personality and experience go hand in hand in your decision. Your divorce mediator should have the skill set to help you to focus on the important matters that must be settled and negotiated. Your Divorce Mediator also needs to have the ability to get you back on track during the emotional moments that take hold of you during the process. Divorce matters are very challenging times of our lives.

Make your return appointments in a timely manner for your Divorce Mediation sessions; try your best not to cancel them so that you have to reschedule. It’s all about the momentum of your Divorce Mediation process. Also realize that a good Divorce Mediator is successful enough so that he/she has more than one client. It doesn’t mean that your Divorce Mediator doesn’t care about your case if you have to wait a little bit for your next appointment.

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