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Impact of Covid-19 on your Family Law and Divorce Matters

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Divorce

Many people contact our office with concerns about the impact of Covid-19 on your important family law and divorce matters. The good news is that the system of justice is open and everyone in the system – Judges, attorneys and staff – have adapted to a new way of conducting business.

Even in the pre-Covid-19 world, family law matters were always challenging. Now, while the law, the players and the issues remain the same, the method of interacting has changed. At the present time, there is no in-person contact. Consultations and court appearances are taking place virtually, and everyone has adapted nicely to the new technology.  Zoom, Google Teams, FaceTime or the old-fashioned phone conference, which many people actually still prefer, are working well. It is unlikely that we will return to the old ways any time soon.  And as a matter of fact, our law firm has had clients overseas and around the world who have never stepped foot in our office, so we are used to accommodating clients remotely.  It’s just more difficult for our clients in that they don’t get to have that extra support of in-person interactions.

The impact of Covid-19 has caused many to re-think their approach to family law issues. Although our practice has been committed for decades to problem solving and the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (i.e. Mediation) under the appropriate circumstances, many litigants and attorneys who previously shunned any non-litigation approach are carefully rethinking their strategies. This is a refreshing development.

If you are considering addressing a family law matter- divorce, custody, support – but have been apprehensive over the Covid-19 situation, rest assured that strategies and approaches exist to resolve your important concerns. When searching for help, trust experience.

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