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More than Five-Star Reviews Make the Attorney

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Firm News

Years ago, litigants chose an attorney solely based on a suggestion from a family member, a friend, or another professional; in other words, from word of mouth. Attorney advertising was virtually non-existent and considered unbecoming for the profession. Nowadays there are a lot of consumers choosing attorneys based solely on five-star reviews.

During the last twenty years, litigation based upon concepts of free speech and expression clarified the boundaries of attorney advertising. While permissible today, it is still subject to some restrictions; for example, the silly TV commercials for certain law firms with the judge and attorney conversing with the phrase mumbo jumbo, while amusing, are now discouraged and considered distasteful to the legal profession.

These days, many legal consumers rely solely on the internet. Additionally, there are many legal consumers that rely only on reviews.

When selecting an attorney in this modern world, be cautious about the information you consider relevant to the attorney’s skill set or reputation. Rather than just internet rankings and reviews, dig a little deeper and read online resumes to see if the professional is well-rounded professionally. Does the lawyer serve in leadership roles in attorney organizations, or is he or she a member of a Supreme Court or lawyer professional associations; has the attorney published articles. Even take the time to read the articles which is a good representation of the writing ability of the attorney. The legal consumer should make sure to review other professional information beyond a simple five-star internet review.

Be choosy when selecting a matrimonial or family law attorney because family law matters are serious: they affect your children, your lifestyle and your well-being. And lawyers, just like doctors and plumbers and carpenters and car salesmen, etc., vary in skill sets and style.

Experience, reputation and participation beyond the 9-5 job make an attorney more effective and a better value for the discerning legal consumer.

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