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Autism and divorce

According to the CDC, one in 59 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In New Jersey, the rate is one in 34. In light of the national divorce rate of 50%, it follows that many divorces involve special children requiring many important, crucial considerations.

One important consideration is how to tell your child or children that you are divorcing each other. This is always best done with the help of professionals. If a specialist or therapist is working with your family, be guided by their advice.

It may also be necessary to create non-traditional parenting plans, depending upon the unique needs of your child. Some children with ASD have unusually strong ties to a particular routine, parent, or sibling. These issues must be kept in mind when structuring a post separation child-sharing arrangement.

It is likely that the school system is significantly involved in customized arrangements for the child, and both parents must be committed to all the obligations attending the unique educational needs of a child diagnosed with ASD. 

There may be financial considerations or medical insurance issues as well. Long-term planning your child’s adulthood is also critical. Parents must consider a long-term plan for an autistic child while divorcing.

There are no generalizations that apply.  Your child is unique and each situation involving a diagnosis on the spectrum is different. Make sure you are guided by qualified professionals to create the best possible future for your precious children.

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