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Court Orders for Custody and Parenting Time During COVID-19

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Family Law

The Supreme Court in the state of Delaware has issued a directive clarifying that current governmental restrictions on working, traveling or social interaction do not apply to existing Court Orders or agreements concerning custody or parenting time. Leaders in New Jersey are reviewing the Delaware action and considering the issuance of a similar clarifying directive.

Clearly, all parents are concerned with the well- being of children, and must be vigilant in protecting them from harm. If parents can come to agreements or arrangements to alter or modify parenting plans to facilitate the best interests of children, they should be encouraged to do so. However, if they cannot, an application to the court may be required.

The emerging consensus is that a parent working on the front lines of the crisis might not be best suited to have the kids with them at this time, and courts are open to such requests for relief. However, if the concern is predicated on conjecture, or in some cases, advance with an ulterior motive, these applications will not be accepted.

At this point, common sense has to prevail. If we are really concerned with the children, we must all do the right thing.

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