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What types of issues can be resolved through mediation?

One of the first things people think when they hear that they will likely go through mediation for their divorce is, “No way.”

They have this reaction because they assume that there is no way they can sit in a room with an ex they don’t like and make decisions about things like money and the kids, which might be the reasons they are splitting up in the first place. However, before you write off the mediation process altogether, understand there are some issues many people are able to resolve through mediation.

Custody and visitation

While there are some situations in which parents simply do not see eye-to-eye on custody, many parents are able to start with the acknowledgment that children typically benefit from shared custody arrangements. If you agree on this aspect, you can be more able to reach decisions on custody and visitation than you might expect.

Parenting plans

In addition to the custody arrangements, you can also work out some ground rules for parenting together but separately with the help of a mediator. You can work out holiday schedules, custody exchange etiquette, and perhaps even some rules regarding matters like disciplining and rewarding your child.

Property division

The division of assets is a complicated and overwhelming process at its beginning. People might not know where to start or how to begin cataloging their marital assets, leading them to believe the courts must do it. However, a mediator and your attorneys can help you tackle this issue so it becomes more manageable. Once you get to this point, it can be easier to negotiate and make concessions.

What you see in your future

In a mediation setting, divorcing couples prioritize resolutions, which can help two people see that working together is still possible in some cases. You might even decide that you would like to pursue mediation in the future if disputes regarding your kids or support payments arise.

Mediation may not help you resolve all your divorce-related matters, and it might not do anything to repair the damage to your relationship. However, it can help you make some decisions that alleviate some of the fear, expense and stress of any litigation that becomes necessary.

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