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5 things to do with your wedding ring after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Divorce

We often discuss the complications of dividing assets after divorce, however, it can also be difficult to figure out what to do with property you keep after divorce. For instance, you might be struggling to figure out what to do with your wedding ring and other jewelry that symbolized important events in your marriage.

In most cases, jewelry and wedding rings will stay with the recipient in the division of assets. Though, there are exceptions. One example is if an item given was an heirloom in the giver’s family, he or she may try to get it back. But if you do keep jewelry, there are different things you can do with it in light of a divorce.

  1. You can sell it. After a divorce, you may decide to sell items and buy something else with the money.
  2. You could give it away. Even if you don’t want the item, it still might hold some sentimental or family importance. You could give it to a child, friend or other loved one to keep it close.
  3. You could repurpose it. Wedding rings, for example, can be formed into another jewelry piece, and stones and gems can be reset.
  4. You could destroy it. In recent years, trends like, “trash the dress” have arisen, and they give a person the opportunity to destroy, shed and say goodbye to something symbolic from their marriage, like a wedding dress.
  5. You could keep it. You might store it away or wear it differently, but keeping an item like your wedding band is common. It can be a reminder of the important time in your life and what you might have learned.

This article from Today has some additional ideas on what you can do with a ring after divorce. It also recommends waiting before making any decisions, as you could wind up doing something you later regret if you act on impulse.

Before you do anything, though, it is a good idea to ensure these items are not subject to division in your divorce. You can talk to your attorney about the various items in question during the discussions about marital assets and property division.

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