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Divorce selfies showing a brighter side of a divorce

Most exes probably won't ever want to be in the same room again after a divorce, let alone pose for a picture together. However, a trend is emerging on social media that shows divorced couples smiling for selfies together and celebrating their divorce as a positive move toward a better future.

If you are considering divorce, you could be nothing like these former couples. Like many others, you could be overwhelmed by pain, sadness, anger and frustration. After all, divorce is undeniably difficult. But if we can take one thing from this trend of divorce positivity on social media, it should be a reminder that not all divorces are messy, contentious battles that drag on for years.

Mediation plays a major role in minimizing the contention during a divorce. Through mediation, two people have to work together to resolve the various issues of divorce. They work through conflicts with parenting time, discuss child support and negotiate fair property division agreements.

This is a very different approach than litigation, which tends to pit people against each other to secure a better ruling from a judge.

Resolving issues through mediation can also set a good example for your children. It can be very difficult for kids to see parents fighting and having to go to court. By working through the issues in mediation, kids see that it is possible to solve problems peacefully, even if it's with someone you don't like.

While you may have no desire to snap a post-divorce selfie with your ex, you may be relieved to find that you can avoid some of the ugliness of the divorce process with mediation. This is not to say it will be easy; getting divorced is a difficult process, legally and emotionally. However, by pursuing amicable resolution methods, you can get through it faster and start focusing on your next chapter.

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