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5 ways you could be delaying your divorce

Divorce is a difficult, painful process. At some point during the process, people often get frustrated and just want it to be over so they can move forward. Further, as this article notes, delays during your divorce can only serve to make matters worse.

If you are getting divorced or considering a divorce, there are some things to keep in mind in terms of what can drag out a process unnecessarily. Below are five mistakes to avoid if you want to get through your divorce as quickly as possible.

  1. You are set on litigation. This can be a mistake, as litigation typically takes longer than any other method of dispute resolution. Instead of resolving issues on your time, you will be at the mercy of the court's schedule.
  2. You have unreasonable requests. If you are holding out for something unreasonable - like a massive amount of spousal support - this can drag the divorce out.
  3. You refuse to compromise. Negotiation is part of many divorces. If you are unwilling to give in, then the negotiations can last much longer as you continue to butt heads with your ex.
  4. You harass your ex. Following an ex, saying offensive things on social media or flooding him or her with texts, emails and calls can make a difficult situation even worse. Your ex may decide that litigation is the only option to deal with divorce matters, or file a request for a restraining order to keep you away.
  5. You do not comply with temporary orders and agreements. Failure to pay certain bills or comply with temporary child custody orders can lead to additional problems that need solving, diverting resources and time away from other divorce-related matters.

These behaviors and decisions can lead to more problems, more contention and additional legal motions, which can push back the anticipated date of divorce. If you are ready to be done with the process, it can be wise to avoid these missteps and work with your attorney to pursue options to expedite the divorce.

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