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Oftentimes people need advice in a divorce process with regard to ownership of small businesses, whether the business ventures are considered premarital, singularly owned, or co-owned by both spouses or multiple owners. Sometimes one spouse might own the business but the other spouse has had a dynamic and active role in its development and success or is exaggerating what role he or she has had. Whatever your particular situation is, the first step is to have an experienced attorney properly characterize the business entity by gathering the significant facts and circumstances of your situation and advise you as to its relevance according to the NJ divorce laws of equitable distribution. After this first step is taken, it might be necessary to determine (with the help of forensic experts) the business assets/liabilities, income derived from a business, equity put into a business, expenses paid to further the business and all the other aspects of running a small business. All of this information should then be used by your attorney to educate you as to your options, offer you legal solutions, and to strategize, negotiate and/or litigate to effectuate the best settlement or outcome.

Attorney Christopher R. Musulin has represented clients with every kind of fact pattern involving business ownership in the divorce process. A Fellow of the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and a lawyer with over 30 years of experience, he will take the time in your first consultation to access your situation and apply it to the NJ divorce laws of equitable distribution so that you leave Musulin Law Firm with a realistic vision of how this ownership would fit in with your overall divorce process. Musulin Law Firm, LLC, is devoted exclusively to clientele with divorce and family law matters. The Musulin Law Firm is located in Mt. Holly, NJ, directly across from the New Jersey Superior Court, Burlington County. Mr. Musulin, along with his associates, represents people throughout the nation with divorce cases potentially venued in Burlington County, Mercer County, Camden County, Gloucester County and other Southern New Jersey counties. He is well-versed in alternative dispute resolution as well, having been an active Divorce Mediator for as long as he has been a divorce and family law attorney.

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