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New Jersey has a uniform prenuptial agreement statute that is virtually identical to the statutes in every other state. You can use a prenuptial agreement to protect assets such as a business or vacation home. It can also protect the interests of children from a prior marriage.

There are several requirements to drafting a prenuptial agreement and making it enforceable:

1. Complete disclosure of all assets and debts. When we talk about disclosure, we do not just talk about a page summarizing what you have. If you have a home, it should be appraised. If you have brokerage accounts, and retirement plan statements, they should be produced.

2. Adequate period of time to carefully consider what you are doing. This means that if you are getting married on Saturday, you cannot present your spouse with a prenuptial agreement on Friday night.

3. Independent legal representation. This means that you and your future spouse should each be represented by your own lawyer.

4. The agreement cannot be unconscionable. In other words, if you try to leave your spouse penniless in the event of a divorce, a court may overrule it.

A prenuptial agreement is a substitute for a battle between a husband and wife concerning the distribution of their assets and debt upon a divorce. There will be no dispute because you will simply hand over the prenup to the attorneys and the court. This legal document will define your rights and obligations, so you need to consider it carefully. You should handle it the same way you would handle property division if you were going through a divorce.

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