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A form of alternative dispute resolution recently expanded by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a method to resolve disputes regarding custody, visitation and child support. Rather than going to court for final resolution, the parties may now mutually opt to select an Arbitrator who should possess significant family law credentials and also may be an accredited Divorce Arbitrator by a national family law organization such as the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Any decisions made by the Arbitrator are binding just the same as when rendered by a Judge.


The ultimate objective in a divorce or legal separation is quickly reaching a fair and reasonable resolution of all disputes. This resolution is approved through a written contract between the parties called a judgment, which defines all of their rights and obligations after the divorce.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation, as an alternative to a litigated divorce, allows divorcing couples to remain friendly and preserve a positive, post-divorce co-parenting relationship. Divorce mediation is much faster and less expensive than traditional divorce litigation.

Child Custody

Physical or residential custody is one of the most challenging matters in a divorce. The New Jersey court system has created procedures to address these issues, including mediation and custody evaluations.

Child Visitation

Generally speaking, visitation in New Jersey is reasonable and liberal unless the party seeking visitation has been abusive or neglectful. Our lawyers help parties enter into specific visitation agreements.

Child Support

Your share of the total child support amount will be in proportion to your income. This percentage will remain constant for unreimbursed medical expenses, braces, college expenses and most other expenses of raising your children.


Any discussion of alimony is highly fact-specific. There are different types of alimony available, including permanent, limited duration, rehabilitative and redistributive.

Modifications to Support and Custody

A substantial change in circumstances - such as a new job - may make necessary a change in your child support or alimony payments or child custody and parenting time.

Moving Children Out of State

We can help custodial parents show why they should be able to move their children out of New Jersey. We can also help noncustodial parents fight move-away requests.

Equitable Distribution

The rule of law in New Jersey for division of assets and liabilities in divorce is called equitable distribution. There is no presumption that "equitable" is 50-50.

Domestic Violence

New Jersey's Prevention of Domestic Violence Act offers protection to spouses, former spouses and other family members who have been abused. Our lawyers help abused family members get the protection and relief they need.

Prenuptial Agreement

We help marrying couples use prenuptial agreements to protect assets, such as a business or a home, as well as protect the interests of children from a prior marriage.

Wills - Pre and Post-Divorce

If you are considering a divorce or if your divorce will soon be final, we can help you make the necessary changes to your will and other estate planning documents.


Adoption should be time of joy, when you make a child a legal member of your family. Our attorneys will skillfully handle the legal paperwork so you can focus on your child.

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