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Whether you are a spouse/ex-spouse, a partner, a parent, a grandparent, a temporary guardian, whatever your particular situation is, family law cases present some of the greatest challenges and changes to your life. A good first step is to meet with a legal professional devoted exclusively to the practice of family law matters before making any decisions. The attorney should have the knowledge base and legal experience to properly educate you about your particular matter and offer you realistic legal options while considering the best interests of your children, if children are involved. It is also important to find a NJ family law attorney with not only the prerequisite qualifications but whose personality makes you feel comfortable and who regularly represents clients in the county in which your case is or would be venued.

The law firm handles all types of family law matters, including:

DivorceModifications and/or Enforcement
Divorce and Family Law MediationNontraditional Family Law
Military DivorceAdoptions
Property Division and Equitable DistributionDomestic Violence
Child CustodyWills pre-divorce and post-divorce
Child SupportPrenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Child Visitation
Alimony and Spousal Support

Family Arbitration

Grandparents' Rights
Parental Relocation Agreements or Disputes
Parenting Coordination

Benefit From More Than 30 Years of Dynamic Legal Experience

When you choose the Musulin Law Firm, LLC, to handle your family law case, you will get a law firm located in Burlington County, NJ, directly across from the Superior Court of New Jersey, and devoted exclusively to all matters concerning matrimonial and family law. The firm is lead by Christopher R. Musulin, a lawyer as well as an Accredited Professional Mediator with more than 30 years of experience of helping people with family law matters. Family law Attorney Musulin is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, distinguished writer of matrimonial and family law articles, frequent lecturer and dedicated advocate. The legal team at Musulin Law Firm, LLC, serves clients with matters in Southern New Jersey counties such as, but not limited to, Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County and Gloucester County.

Negotiating, Litigating, Mediating — Resolution

The legal team at Musulin Law Firm, LLC, realizes the seriousness of family law matters and does not take lightly the responsibility of being an effective and conscientious legal advocate. Christopher Musulin and his associates will try to accomplish the best resolution through skilled and effective legal negotiation and strategies. The Musulin Law Firm, LLC, is well-versed in your available options, from negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to traditional courtroom litigation, and is duty-bound to educate you so that you will make informed and wise decisions.

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