Family Law Arbitration

What Is Divorce Arbitration?

It is a form of alternative dispute resolution recently expanded by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a method to resolve disputes regarding custody, visitation and child support. Rather than going to court for final resolution, the parties may now mutually opt to select an Arbitrator who should possess significant family law credentials and also may be an accredited Divorce Arbitrator by a national family law organization such as the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Any decisions made by the Arbitrator are binding just the same as when rendered by a Judge.

What Are the Benefits to the Parties in Opting to Resolve Their Issues Via Divorce Arbitration?

The Divorce Arbitration process is more expedient than a court matter, is held in a private setting, not a public forum, and the parties have control over the scheduling of the resolution of their family law matter. Additionally, the decision is binding similar to decisions rendered by a judge. Also, the parties have the ability to choose a Divorce Arbitrator who is a highly experienced divorce attorney with pre-eminent expertise and accreditation.

Is Mr. Musulin Able to Act as an Arbitrator in Family Law/Matrimonial Cases?

The answer is yes. Mr. Musulin has been arbitrating family law/matrimonial issues for many years. In addition, he is certified by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as an AAML-Certified Arbitrator to handle family law cases. He has handled court-ordered arbitrations as well as resolved family law/matrimonial matters for private litigants who have opted to have Mr. Musulin act as their arbitrator instead of going before a judge.

If People Have Already Hired Matrimonial Lawyers to Represent Them Is Mr. Musulin Still Able to be Our Arbitrator?

The answer is yes. If both litigants agree to have their remaining disputes presented to an arbitrator rather than to a court, one or both of the attorneys may contact Mr. Musulin to set up a date for an Arbitration Proceeding. The arbitration proceedings may be conducted by Mr. Musulin at his law firm and scheduled according to the availability of the litigants, their lawyers, if any, and Mr. Musulin himself, or proceedings can be conducted in one of the lawyers' offices. Mr. Musulin will use his judgment and experience to determine the resolution of the issues presented to him and his decision will be binding in the same way as when decisions are rendered by a judge. At the end of the proceedings the litigants will be presented with an arbitration award outlining all decisions made. (Obviously, if Mr. Musulin is representing one of the parties already as his or her family law/matrimonial attorney, he would not be able to act as the Arbitrator in this particular family law matter since that would present a conflict.)

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