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When two parties decide to divorce, there can be any level of contentiousness and disagreement. When the parties are amicable and feel they both generally agree on all of the relevant issues involved, the divorce is considered uncontested. Obviously, this will make a divorce simpler and faster. There are also a number of legal options available to people with uncontested divorce matters. Since 1988, Attorney Christopher R. Musulin of Musulin Law Firm, LLC, has been representing clients exclusively in all matters regarding family law and matrimonial law, which of course includes clients with uncontested divorce matters. Even in the most amicable divorces there is an element of risk for each party and it is essential to make sure you understand your legal rights and responsibilities before making any decisions with regard to a divorce settlement. A correctly managed divorce process will proceed efficiently and ensure that your interests are protected and embodied in a comprehensive final agreement. The worst-case scenario is to end up in a courtroom post-divorce because your final agreement was vague or inadequately written.

The Musulin Law Firm serves clients whose cases are venued in Southern New Jersey counties such as, but not limited to, Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County and Gloucester County, New Jersey. With decades of experience and training in family law, litigation and mediation, Attorney Musulin, along with his associate attorneys and legal team, will work personally with you to determine your goals and to protect your interests in an efficient yet protective manner. In your initial consultation you will be educated with regard to the NJ divorce process and the consultation will be tailored to your particular situation.

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