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Child Custody Matters Handled With Great Care

Child custody matters need to be handled with great care and sophistication because it involves the welfare of your children and your rights and responsibilities as a parent. Christopher R. Musulin has decades of experience representing families and people with complex child custody matters. Whether you are about to go through a divorce, are already divorced or an unmarried parent with a custody matter, in your first consultation, Attorney Musulin will spend time to assess your particular situation and educate you about the legal framework of NJ child custody laws and trends. He will also offer you his in-depth knowledge of legal solutions after he is able to synthesize all of the facts and circumstances particular to your family. Attorney Musulin has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers since 2006. He has been published in the New Jersey Family Lawyer multiple times and routinely accepts speaking engagements to help educate other professionals with regard to family and matrimonial law. He understands the great emotional challenges and import of situations involving children and will take a great personal interest in handling such an important and sensitive legal matter.

The Musulin Law Firm will offer you a personable and private setting and a supportive legal team that will be orchestrated by Mr. Musulin to be attuned to every detail, empathetic toward your personal situation, and an acute knowledge of the trends and laws of child custody in New Jersey. You will be offered legal advice with the objective of finding strong legal solutions for you and your family while protecting the best interests of your children. Attorney Musulin will craft a legal strategy on your behalf to either negotiate and effectuate an agreement or settlement or to litigate your complex child custody matter in order to protect you and your family. The legal team at Musulin Law Firm has vast experience working with clinicians such as forensic psychologists, parenting coordinators, custody evaluators and family counselors in both a therapeutic and forensic setting during complex child custody proceedings.

Some complications in complex custody cases

Musulin Law Firm represents clients whose cases are venued in Southern New Jersey counties, in custody agreements and custody disputes with complications that include, but are not limited to:

  • Inability to co-parent
  • High-conflict joint custody arrangements
  • Child custody modifications and enforcements
  • "Applications for" or "injunctions against" relocation of children matters
  • Geographic distance
  • Children with special needs or chronic illnesses
  • Unfit parents
  • Rehabilitation and re-establishment of parental rights and custody
  • Grandparents' rights
  • Contentious disputes over parenting agreements
  • Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods for resolving parenting plan agreements absent litigation between the parties
  • Child custody disputes in same-sex dissolutions and/or marriages

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