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Child custody in the state of New Jersey is based on the statute Title 9, which provides that custody determinations shall be based upon the best interests of the children. At the family law practice of Musulin Law Firm, LLC, in Mount Holly, New Jersey, we discuss with our clients their visions of how to move forward, their parental rights, and the best interests of their children.

We guide our clients legally through the process, helping them with the structure of their family and explaining the child custody laws of the state of New Jersey. Due to the emotional aspect of child custody disputes, great skill and sensitivity are needed by an experienced family law attorney in legal strategizing and negotiations to effectuate an agreement with regard to the custody arrangements regarding the child or children. If necessary, we have litigated child custody cases over the last 30 years and possess the requisite skill and years of experience in handling all phases of trial procedure.

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There are two levels of child custody:

  • Legal custody generally means the right to make major life decisions for the child such as medical decisions, educational decisions, religious upbringing and general welfare. Legal custody is generally shared between the parents in joint custody arrangements, unless one of the parents has been abusive or neglectful or it has been proven that it is not in the best interest of the child for the parents to share legal custody. In that situation, one parent could have sole legal custody.
  • Physical or residential custody is a term used to explain who has physical custody or who primarily provides for the child's needs on a day-to-day basis.

Sole legal custody is only granted if one parent is unfit or uninterested.

Physical or residential custody is the battleground in many divorces. It is the most challenging and problematic matter that can be presented to the Court. Under New Jersey Supreme Court rules, the first step taken by the Court in a contested custody matter is to send the parties to Court-sponsored mediation. The Court-ordered mediation is free and confidential.

In Burlington County, if mediation fails, the next step is for an evaluation with a forensic expert. The expert prepares a report, and that report is shared with the litigants and the judge. If an agreement is not reached, the third step is to go to a contested hearing/trial with witnesses and testimony in court.

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Our child custody Attorney Christopher Musulin is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the author of numerous booklets and articles on divorce and family law issues.

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